Everyone has something consequential to say, and we want inCon to be the platform for you to say it. While we don’t have specific submissions guidelines, we ask that your writing always be an honest reflection of yourself. Regardless of whether it's conventional or quirky, we hope that you feel comfortable and confident enough to write for yourself and for what matters to you.

ALL are welcome to share!

Please remember that it is never our desire to be selective. We aren't running a competition or producing a literary magazine. We're looking for fresh and brave voices. If you have the courage to speak your mind, then you're perfect for us. If you're still working up the confidence to believe in your own words, bring them to us anyways! We'll help you build some of that confidence.

When you submit... 

  • Check to make sure that your work is grammatically correct and factually sound (if applicable).

  • Please allow for an adequate response time. We will do our best to reply within 1-2 weeks.

Wishing you an authentic writing experience!

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