One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes

One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes
(Based off an old Hungarian folktale)

Aaron Shepard

Aaron Shepard

I met a lady 
All covered in eyes. 
She created three children 
Who did nothing but cry. 

Now, one girl had two eyes,
And one girl had three;
One girl had one eye,
But how could this be? 

Three-eyes and One-eyes 
Were normal, you see, 
But Two-eyes was different, 
And that could not be.

Two-eyes was different;
She hid in a box. 
Got nothing to eat 
And befriended a fox. 

Three-eyes and One-eyes
Made her watch their goat;
Two-eyes was hungry, 
And One-eyes would gloat:

“Fashioned, I fashioned 
Seven barrels of bread, 
Of bread for my Three-eyes,” 
And they were well fed. 

Two-eyes lived in a field 
Where faeries all roamed. 
The foxes all sang out 
That they loved their home. 

“Two-eyes, oh Two-eyes!”
She cried as she hid. 
“Two-eyes, oh Two-eyes!”
And help her they did.

The foxes were red, 
And their eyes were all blue. 
They called to the faeries 
And told them the truth.

“I’m just so hungry,”
Two-eyes told them. 
“I’m just so hungry,” 
The faeries said then. 

“Little goat, oh little goat, 
come here, come here!
Build me a table.
A table, my dear!”

And Two-eyes ate quickly 
And said in the heat, 
“Turn back now, I am full now, 
I’ve had so much to eat!” 

And when Two-eyes got hungry, 
She just sang her song, 
And the goat turned to a table, 
And nothing went wrong. 

But One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Knew Two-eyes had fun that day, 
And One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Said “That’s not okay.” 

One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Went into the wood 
To catch their old Two-eyes,
If only they could.

“Sisters, let me sing for you,”
Two-eyes would say.
“Sisters, let me sing for you.”
And she’d sing to them all day. 

Two-eyes checked on them—
On every closed eye. 
One-eye was sleeping, 
But Three-eyes could lie. 

“Little goat, oh little goat, 
Come here, come here!
Build me a table.
A table, my dear!”

She named the goat Maiden
As she ate her fill, 
And the small goat named Maiden 
Danced on every hill. 

One-eyes saw nothing, 
But Three-eyes could see. 
They snuck from that small place, 
And at home they’d decree: 

“Our mother, our mother 
That’s covered in eyes! 
Two-eyes is playing 
With magic and ties.” 

Our mother, our mother 
Then grabbed at the goat 
And cooked seven meals 
For One-eye to gloat: 

“Maiden, oh Maiden!” 
Two-eyes had said.
She searched for the maiden, 
But the maiden was dead.

And Two-eyes sat crying 
With all her red friends. 
The faeries came about 
And saw how it’d end. 

“Bury her hooves 
and bury her horns;
An apple tree will grow 
When you feel forlorn.

“And no one, pray no one, 
But you will be able to pick 
The apples from that tree, 
Or they will get sick.”

And across from the meadow 
A man in a suit 
Came galloping by 
And saw the large root: 

“I will marry whoever 
Picks an apple for me!”
And One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Could not pick the tree.

But Two-eyes was different, 
The red foxes all wrote, 
So Two-eyes was singing,
 And Two-eyes could gloat: 

“Apple hanging from the tree,”
She knew just what to say.
“I am Two-eyes, come to me!”
And the apple flew her way. 

And you know how the story ends; 
It’s the same every time. 
You just didn’t know the beginning 
And so I didn’t waste your time. 

I met a two-eyed lady,
Her name was Two-eyes, sure. 
She had a field of foxes, 
And she never found a cure.

And Two-eyes was very different, 
But she told me she was free. 
The apples on her tree went bad 
When she no longer had the need. 

And Two-eyes had three children 
That were all covered in eyes. 
They became friends with all the foxes,
And they never had to cry. 

- Rae