Unfair Love

Unfair Love



I felt it in my bones,
That tingling feeling when
You know someone is
Going to be important. 

I saw your face. 
I saw the real you,
And I wanted to hold your hand so bad.
My eyes wandered to you without meaning to.
I glanced away whenever you looked my way,
But I always knew where you were. 

It wasn’t fair.
I wasn’t being fair,
Not to you,
Or my boyfriend. 

I loved him,
With my whole heart,
But he didn’t give me 
The excitement you did. 

I wanted you so,
So bad.
But you couldn’t be mine,
Or could you?

What if I had risked it,
What if I had told you
Exactly what I was feeling?
Would you have told me you feel it too?
Would you have loved me back?

You’re scared and alone.
You hold yourself back.
Everyone sees you as them,
But I know you’re different.
I know you. 

I want you to know me.
I want you to hold me,
To kiss me slow,
And hug me hard. 
I want to feel it all.

I could’ve told you.
I could’ve been brave.
I could’ve made a decision.

But, how could I hurt my love?
He didn’t deserve it. 

I held onto you.
I wanted to be your friend so bad,
But it wasn’t just friends. 

And I think you knew that.
But you were too good
To ever ask me.

He was your best friend;
You couldn’t do it to him.
He was my boyfriend;
I couldn’t break him. 

But what if?
Would we have worked?
Could we have loved each other?

Now you’re someone else’s.
You’ve found your girl,
And I can’t take you away. 
I can’t play with you,
I know that. 

I saw you with her,
And my heart broke. 
Don’t tell me it shouldn’t have,
I know that. 
But, it did. 

You get to be happy now.
You earned it.
You deserve it. 

I will let you go.
I will love you from afar.

- Anonymous