It's Okay

It’s Okay

Female First

Female First

It's okay to be sad,
To feel lonely at times.
It's okay to feel hurt,
To cry it all out.
It's okay to fall down
And learn to pick yourself up.
It's okay to be afraid,
And if you're unhappy, let go and stop.

It's okay to feel unwanted,
To be uncertain sometimes.
It's okay to feel unloved
by the people you once loved.
It's okay to make mistakes
And to be at your weakest,
To feel your knees about to give out,
To feel that you're not strong enough.

It's okay to frown;
It's okay to sit down for a while.
Rest if you're tired.
Shout and curse if you must.
Pause if you're unsure.
Breathe when everything seems unsteady.
Unburden yourself if it feels heavy,
When everything feels a little too much.
Soon, you'll find your own light.
Maybe it's just behind the dark.

- Theresa