One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes

One Eyes, Two Eyes, Three Eyes
(Based off an old Hungarian folktale)

Aaron Shepard

Aaron Shepard

I met a lady 
All covered in eyes. 
She created three children 
Who did nothing but cry. 

Now, one girl had two eyes,
And one girl had three;
One girl had one eye,
But how could this be? 

Three-eyes and One-eyes 
Were normal, you see, 
But Two-eyes was different, 
And that could not be.

Two-eyes was different;
She hid in a box. 
Got nothing to eat 
And befriended a fox. 

Three-eyes and One-eyes
Made her watch their goat;
Two-eyes was hungry, 
And One-eyes would gloat:

“Fashioned, I fashioned 
Seven barrels of bread, 
Of bread for my Three-eyes,” 
And they were well fed. 

Two-eyes lived in a field 
Where faeries all roamed. 
The foxes all sang out 
That they loved their home. 

“Two-eyes, oh Two-eyes!”
She cried as she hid. 
“Two-eyes, oh Two-eyes!”
And help her they did.

The foxes were red, 
And their eyes were all blue. 
They called to the faeries 
And told them the truth.

“I’m just so hungry,”
Two-eyes told them. 
“I’m just so hungry,” 
The faeries said then. 

“Little goat, oh little goat, 
come here, come here!
Build me a table.
A table, my dear!”

And Two-eyes ate quickly 
And said in the heat, 
“Turn back now, I am full now, 
I’ve had so much to eat!” 

And when Two-eyes got hungry, 
She just sang her song, 
And the goat turned to a table, 
And nothing went wrong. 

But One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Knew Two-eyes had fun that day, 
And One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Said “That’s not okay.” 

One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Went into the wood 
To catch their old Two-eyes,
If only they could.

“Sisters, let me sing for you,”
Two-eyes would say.
“Sisters, let me sing for you.”
And she’d sing to them all day. 

Two-eyes checked on them—
On every closed eye. 
One-eye was sleeping, 
But Three-eyes could lie. 

“Little goat, oh little goat, 
Come here, come here!
Build me a table.
A table, my dear!”

She named the goat Maiden
As she ate her fill, 
And the small goat named Maiden 
Danced on every hill. 

One-eyes saw nothing, 
But Three-eyes could see. 
They snuck from that small place, 
And at home they’d decree: 

“Our mother, our mother 
That’s covered in eyes! 
Two-eyes is playing 
With magic and ties.” 

Our mother, our mother 
Then grabbed at the goat 
And cooked seven meals 
For One-eye to gloat: 

“Maiden, oh Maiden!” 
Two-eyes had said.
She searched for the maiden, 
But the maiden was dead.

And Two-eyes sat crying 
With all her red friends. 
The faeries came about 
And saw how it’d end. 

“Bury her hooves 
and bury her horns;
An apple tree will grow 
When you feel forlorn.

“And no one, pray no one, 
But you will be able to pick 
The apples from that tree, 
Or they will get sick.”

And across from the meadow 
A man in a suit 
Came galloping by 
And saw the large root: 

“I will marry whoever 
Picks an apple for me!”
And One-eyes and Three-eyes 
Could not pick the tree.

But Two-eyes was different, 
The red foxes all wrote, 
So Two-eyes was singing,
 And Two-eyes could gloat: 

“Apple hanging from the tree,”
She knew just what to say.
“I am Two-eyes, come to me!”
And the apple flew her way. 

And you know how the story ends; 
It’s the same every time. 
You just didn’t know the beginning 
And so I didn’t waste your time. 

I met a two-eyed lady,
Her name was Two-eyes, sure. 
She had a field of foxes, 
And she never found a cure.

And Two-eyes was very different, 
But she told me she was free. 
The apples on her tree went bad 
When she no longer had the need. 

And Two-eyes had three children 
That were all covered in eyes. 
They became friends with all the foxes,
And they never had to cry. 

- Rae

Myself and Me

Myself and Me



Walking on the streets in the night,
Singing alone, nobody's blight,
With the smile on my face,
Going at my own pace.

A wild rhythm running throw my veins,
Free of the world's routine chains,
Now humming my own freedom song,
I run from the pattern I thought I belonged.

I don't need anybody else with me,
I just want to be forever free.
All I need is music, soul and dignity;
It's enough for myself and me. 

- Elisa

I Don't Love You/I Can't Love You

I Don't Love You/I Can't Love You



You changed your name
To battle pain
This deadly game
It drowns in the rain
I keep you locked in
‘Cause I can't begin
To choose one and win
My heart and your sins
For I cannot know
What you say and you show
While you call your new home
I keep feeling alone
But I listen, I try
Understanding your lies
Still I’m keeping you tied
In the back of my mind
Here there is just no "we"
You're confusing my dreams
I don’t want you to free
All the darkness in me
Why are you still here?
You are way too sincere
And you're holding me dear
But still lose to my fears

- Mae Sparrow



News Desk

News Desk

I woke up with a fractured skull 
And bags under my eyes 
That packed up all my tinted shames 
And labeled them with cries. 
They ripped open my mouth and stole 
Away all my pointed teeth, 
Leaving me defenseless 
To the sharp pains underneath. 
My head still aches, now empty still, 
My nails all turning flat. 
And I never thought they’d ever know 
That I had always been like that.

- Rae

Unfair Love

Unfair Love



I felt it in my bones,
That tingling feeling when
You know someone is
Going to be important. 

I saw your face. 
I saw the real you,
And I wanted to hold your hand so bad.
My eyes wandered to you without meaning to.
I glanced away whenever you looked my way,
But I always knew where you were. 

It wasn’t fair.
I wasn’t being fair,
Not to you,
Or my boyfriend. 

I loved him,
With my whole heart,
But he didn’t give me 
The excitement you did. 

I wanted you so,
So bad.
But you couldn’t be mine,
Or could you?

What if I had risked it,
What if I had told you
Exactly what I was feeling?
Would you have told me you feel it too?
Would you have loved me back?

You’re scared and alone.
You hold yourself back.
Everyone sees you as them,
But I know you’re different.
I know you. 

I want you to know me.
I want you to hold me,
To kiss me slow,
And hug me hard. 
I want to feel it all.

I could’ve told you.
I could’ve been brave.
I could’ve made a decision.

But, how could I hurt my love?
He didn’t deserve it. 

I held onto you.
I wanted to be your friend so bad,
But it wasn’t just friends. 

And I think you knew that.
But you were too good
To ever ask me.

He was your best friend;
You couldn’t do it to him.
He was my boyfriend;
I couldn’t break him. 

But what if?
Would we have worked?
Could we have loved each other?

Now you’re someone else’s.
You’ve found your girl,
And I can’t take you away. 
I can’t play with you,
I know that. 

I saw you with her,
And my heart broke. 
Don’t tell me it shouldn’t have,
I know that. 
But, it did. 

You get to be happy now.
You earned it.
You deserve it. 

I will let you go.
I will love you from afar.

- Anonymous





Not every person
But a special soul remembers me.
When the times seem dark,
They collect me.

When not-so-good times enter my life,
They swing their wand and save me.
If words ever lack the feels,
They come here to hold me.

When my mind is broken,
They pick up the pieces for me.
And if I feel a little less,
They change my world for me.

- Samridhi





There are crickets in my clothes 
And I don’t know what to do 
They itch and scream a bunch 
And it isn’t something new

There are crickets in my clothes 
Digging deep into my skin 
Knowing that they can’t be sated 
By just the places I have been

There are crickets in my clothes
Sewing strings into my arms 
Looking closely at their leaders 
That will soon control my charms

There are crickets in my clothes 
Pulling myself into straight lines 
Making me sit and staple fingers 
And so my actions aren’t mine

There are crickets in my clothes 
Telling me what to say 
Pushing past my lips to whisper
What I think of every day 

There are crickets in my clothes 
And there is no where I can go 
I cannot itch and scream a bunch 
And so no one can ever know

- Rae





I'm getting smaller,
But no—wait! I'm getting taller.
Memories are disappearing;
This is exactly what I'm fearing.

What if I just start forgetting? 
Let me tell you what I'm fretting!

What if I were to just stop speaking? 
What if my lungs did not feel like breathing? 
Why do I feel like I am shrinking?

And I wash away my shame with fear. 
And tell no one of what I hear. 
“No, that's not how this is supposed to go.”

God, am I making a good show? 

I'm afraid. 
I'm afraid. 
You all know that I'm afraid. 
The freaking title is "Afraid." 
Is this good, what I have made? 

And I'm afraid of many things. 
If I do name them, what do I bring? 
Bring to the table—
Now I start... 
To the table—
A work of art. 

Even a demon can ask for redemption,
But getting it requires a pension. 
Sadly, things just won't work out
As blood flows freely from your mouth. 

I'm getting smaller, 
And look at that! Who’s falling farther?
And as I look down at my file, 
Do you know it’s been a while? 

Off a building...  
Oh, I wish. 
Off a building, 
Off a cliff. 

- Rae
Instagram: @poetry.rae

It's Okay

It’s Okay

Female First

Female First

It's okay to be sad,
To feel lonely at times.
It's okay to feel hurt,
To cry it all out.
It's okay to fall down
And learn to pick yourself up.
It's okay to be afraid,
And if you're unhappy, let go and stop.

It's okay to feel unwanted,
To be uncertain sometimes.
It's okay to feel unloved
by the people you once loved.
It's okay to make mistakes
And to be at your weakest,
To feel your knees about to give out,
To feel that you're not strong enough.

It's okay to frown;
It's okay to sit down for a while.
Rest if you're tired.
Shout and curse if you must.
Pause if you're unsure.
Breathe when everything seems unsteady.
Unburden yourself if it feels heavy,
When everything feels a little too much.
Soon, you'll find your own light.
Maybe it's just behind the dark.

- Theresa

Powerful Woman

Powerful Woman

I stood in the crowd and watched her wrestle herself away from her captors. 
Big men, swords and shields in hand, and yet she was the more terrifying of the three.
Scarred and bruised, not a pretty sight, she was beautiful;
She glowed brighter than the gleam of the men's swords.
Only maybe 5 feet, she stood taller and more proud than anyone I’ve ever seen.
She was perfect, and as she fought back,
With every kick I fell more in love.
The crowd booed. I could feel myself getting closer to the wall; I jumped over.
But as I ran to her aid, she had already slain them. 
Blood-covered and breathing heavily, I fell even more in love.
As she raised her shield to hit me, I rolled out of the way.
More guards came running towards us but stopped and waited to see who was going to win.
I turned my back to her and charged them. 
I was a fool to fall in love with a girl so broken she couldn’t even trust her reflection,
Yet I knew that the stars had led me here so I could run away with her.
I made myself an enemy of the kingdom. For her.
She handed me a bow. She wanted the battle ax.
She liked to feel the bones crunch under every swing.
Guards fell at her feet as she spun with such grace.
And as her brown eyes looked at me,
With blood all over, she was gracious,
And her little smile told me that she loved every second of this.
We were surrounded yet she fought on. I could only watch, stunned by her flow.
We ran as the arrows fell behind us. 
I wanted to protect her, but she was the one who shielded me.
The arrows whizzed by, only missing us by a hair.
I ran with her, only to follow her into the dark.
We ran, and as my muscles ached, I only wanted to be by her side forever.
The forest was dark, but she was the light that I followed. 
The fire burning inside her was hot enough to set the whole forest ablaze.
She didn’t love me, but I would never forget her as she held the ax to me and told me to screw off, she was a wild spirit who would have no one slow her down. 
As I look out the window some nights, I can see different parts of the forest lit up.
I know she is there, for I once saw her soul, and I would know that light anywhere.

- Jacob

Don't Hate Me

Don’t Hate Me

Don’t hate me
Don’t break me
Don't waste me
Don't you make me

Open up this heart I locked
Inside my chest
Solid as a rock
It needed rest
Not to be seen
Not to be fragile
Wash it clean

Don't wake me
Don't break me
Don't rate me
Don't deflate me

I cant decide on how to free
What's hidden right
Inside of me
It broke the walls
They shattered down
The pieces stuck
All over town

Don't hate me
Don't break me
Don't waste me

Just save me

- Mae Sparrow

Silent Scream

Silent Scream

Today I woke up before the sun
With feelings choked in the back of my throat;
So I reached for my notebook,
Flipped on the light,
Took a deep breath—
Pen poised above paper
Waiting for emotion to vault to the surface
And tumble out into the ink of my pen.
But my fingers were stiff;
So was my mind.
I wanted to screamed so someone could hear,
But my throat was closed,
And the only screams I could manage
Were the kind that vibrate through nerves,
Ricochet off bone:
The silent kind,
Chastising my decrepit soul for its refusal to untangle the knot of unknown feelings,
Obstructing the pathway to my waiting hand.

- Jules

Untold Writer's Tale

Untold Writer’s Tale

Soren Dreier

Soren Dreier

“Too ordinary to be seen, to uncool to be heard.” Those phrases basically sum up her life.

She actually fears everything. From her mind to her imagination. From her nightmares to reality.

She fears the people around and can’t bear the sweet silence at night.

She fears losing someone. That’s why she fears holding onto them so tight

And fears the sad facts about goodbyes.

She fears the crowded hallways filled with lonely stares and empty glances.

She fears of feeling too much as if it were a burden and a curse.

She fears of caring too much, loving too much, giving and leaving every piece of her heart to people who she thought would actually stay but ended up leaving still.

Maybe that’s one reason why she fears the idea of love, the art of falling — falling in and falling out of it — too afraid of constant affection because she knows that people will get tired eventually.

She fears her uncertainty and everything that seems so temporary.

She fears how she fakes her smiles and forces her laughs just to tell everyone she’s doing fine. She fears that someday, those ingenuine things are all that will be left for her.

She fears her kindness and hates how people abuse it.

She fears her kindness and how people see it as her weakness.

Sometimes, she also fears her words and how they help people, except herself.

But she was also thankful for her words. For they were the only things that made her special.

And how sad to think that she needed to write to constantly feel that.

Writing started as her blank canvas to release her teenage frustrations until she tried to turn writing into her own battlefield to find and search for herself. To outgrow all of her fears, to gain courage to finally speak up and be heard, to do more than just make people love her works.

It wasn’t as easy as making a big turn and taking a huge leap, so she took small steps, one after another.

Writing has transformed her into a completely different person, but it felt as though she became more like herself. She found her strength behind the lines of her written art. Writing let her breathe and left her breathless at the same time. Writing turned her fears into blessings. It reminded her that it was never a curse to feel everything deeply. It opened her eyes to there being more to writing than just praises and a thousand likes. And that it’s okay to be kind and not to fear of giving too much.

Writing built her up, filled the cracks between her soul, and turned every feeling into something beautiful so that even heartbreak didn’t sound like breaking.

She bleeds words and every drop feels nothing but magical.
She owes everything to writing. She managed to let everything out, to get out of her own head, to subdue all of her fears. And somehow, at some point, she learned to face everything, to see, to feel and to be everything. And feeling everything turned out not to be a bad thing at all. She writes to constantly remind herself that sometimes it only takes a paper and a pen to be heard and to be seen, not by the people who only know how to read, but by those who truly understand.

She writes to remind herself that somewhere, in a certain world, words could possibly be sharper than any swords; that they could cut and leave even deeper scars and carve someone’s existence along with all the stars.

- Theresa

P.L.T.B. Poetry #5




A time comes
When a building inside you
Crumbles down

Having to build it again
Will cost
But at least it won’t rot

This time it’s strong
It will shake
But it won’t crack

It will burn
But it won’t turn to ashes
No matter what clashes

That’s how you know
That you have grown
Planting seeds in the cracks

Roots will grow back
Stronger than ever
Now and forever

- P.L.T.B.

* Context of ‘building:’ your soul

TT22E -

TT22E -

I’ll be your
Rock in your
Water days

So you can rest
When you are
Tired of

- P.L.T.B.

Fallen Love

Fallen Love

The Things I Learned From

The Things I Learned From

Love rises and it falls. People grow and change. Where once there wasn’t even room for a creek, there is now enough space for an ocean.

To know when to walk away is perhaps the hardest part of a relationship. It’s learning to accept the doubts you have as realities; it’s beginning to trust yourself and love yourself, knowing you deserve more.

Some love grows exponentially; some love grows linearly. And some love falls, often times, with a sharp drop.

Don’t blame yourself if the love goes away. Maybe it wasn’t you that changed but them. Don’t beat yourself up for it. You both deserve a happy ending, and some love falls to make space for more.