The Girl in the Mirror

The Girl in the Mirror



I look in the mirror and see a girl,
A girl who once was as free as can be,
No worries, no pain, a big smile on her face.

But as I look at her now, I can't seem to think of what's gone wrong;
That care free little girl has disappeared from us all.

Those bright wide eyes are now emotionless and dull,
That big wide smile is now suddenly gone.

She once found life within the bright sunshine
But now finds relief from her pain standing out in the rain.

No one knows what happened to this girl full of life;
No one knows why she now suddenly wants to die.

She tries hard not to show how she feels’
She tries hard not to leave scars that won't heal.

As people think that they know her well,
What they don't know is that her plan has worked out quite well.

Her plan to show those around only what she wants them to see,
Whilst in her mind she's building walls higher than the eye can see,
Hoping one day if she tries hard enough,
Someone will come and truly lift her spirits up.

Give her a reason to live on day by day,
To stop her fascination with these sharp objects called blades.
If only that person would come about soon,
Then maybe she'll have a chance to  see the day through.

Maybe her heart would stop suffocating her chest,
And maybe her mind would finally be at rest.
I look in the mirror and see this broken girl, hope long gone and a whirlpool of pain;
I see a girl who would give up anything to be her 10-year-old self again.

The color from her eyes now gone, all that can be seen is death.
As I look in the mirror I see a girl staring back,
A girl who is at crossroads with life or death.

I look in the mirror and see a girl I know inside and out.
Do you know this girl? Have you figured it out?
This girl is me, now the secret’s out.

I am this girl broken beyond compare,
And sadly my story now ends here,
As I try to live on through this day.
Yes, the story of the girl in the mirror,
And how her whole life has changed.

- Chanté Wana