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Hi, friends!
Looks like you've got some questions for inCon. Thank you for bringing them to us. We welcome your curiosity and your feedback. Keep them coming and scroll down to finally get some answers from us.

Q: How and when did inConsequential begin?

A: inConsequential began with us, four teenagers who've been friends since elementary school. Over the years, different schools and circumstances have separated us, but we've always found time for each other. Every time we get together, we share endless stories and laughs. We talk for hours about everything and anything. We learn from each other, teach each other, trust each other with our silliest and deepest thoughts. We share a common language and value each other's opinions, and one day it finally occurred to us how special that is.  Realizing we were on to something, we thought: Why not open up our safe space to other teenagers looking for the same opportunity to share (anonymously if they prefer) themselves, their words, and their voices with the world?
The rest is history. 

Officially, our website launched in October of 2017. However, we began work on inConsequential in the middle of 2016. 

Q: Why 'inConsequential?'

A: Originally, we wanted 'Out Loud' to be the name of our website because that's what we do: we share our thoughts with each other out loud. Early on, however, we ran into some copyright issues, so we put our heads together, sat around the table calling out any words that came to mind, and then finally had a YES moment when 'inConsequential' was brought up.

As teenagers, we're sometimes dismissed without a second thought. Everyone has something to say about us, but not everyone will show us the courtesy of listening to what we have to say. Our voices can easily feel inconsequential, as if it's not our turn yet to matter. That is why inCon exists. We are here to change this outdated dynamic.

So pay extra attention to the strikethrough in inConsequential. It's intentional. You may pronounce the entire word, but we hope that what you actually read is 'consequential.' Because all of us are consequential.

Q: Who can contribute to inConsequential?

A: Teenagers from anywhere in the world can submit to us! Our writers mostly range from 14 - 24 years old, but age is just an insignificant number to us. 

Q: Is inConsequential selective?

A: Absolutely not. We want to support as many people as possible because everyone deserves the chance to be heard. It is not our desire or intention to be selective. We aren't running a competition or producing a literary magazine. We aren't looking for perfection. We're looking for fresh and brave voices. If you have the courage to be real and the passion to be vulnerable, then you're perfect for us. And if you're still working up the confidence to believe in your own words, bring them to us, and we'll help you build some of that confidence.

Q: What can I submit to your website?

A: Honestly, ANYTHING. We feature everything from artwork and photography to poetry, prose, quotes, and full-length articles. Our blog posts are dedicated to travel, personal revelations and struggles, thoughts and musings, global topics, and even philosophical ideas. If you can think it and put it into words, then we have a place for it. 

Q: How do I submit?

A: You can submit your work to our website in any of the following ways:

1) Via email. Our address is
If you have a gmail account, it would be great if you could format your work in a Google Doc and directly share the document with us.

2) Via our website. Find our Submissions page under Contact/Submissions or click here.

3) Via Instagram. If your submission is brief enough to send in a direct message, then our DM is always open to you.

Q: What happens after I submit?

A: We will get back to you to let you know that your submission has been accepted, conduct a basic editing process to ensure proper grammar/punctuation, share our changes with you for your approval, match your work with a photograph (if you don't already have one in mind), and then post to our website/Instagram.
If you wish to be tagged in our social media posts, we will happily mention you, and we will also send you a direct link to your submission once it is published for easy sharing and access.

Q: How can I become a 'featured writer?'

A: Just let us know that you're interested and be prepared to share your writing with us. We've only recently started looking for writers, so we're as new to this as you are to us. We are most active on Instagram, so you're welcome to reach us there, through our website, or via email.

Q: Are there conditions to being a writer for inCon?

A: We give our writers unconditional freedom and anonymity. They are not expected to comply with any deadlines or write a set number of articles each week. When our writers feel inspired to write, they write, and when they don't, they don't. That said, our writers are committed to contributing to inCon on a regular basis.
We also don't reserve the right to be the sole publishers of any work that appears on our website.

Q: Who is inConsequential’s target audience?

A: Believe it or not, everyone. Our viewers and submissions come from all six continents and almost every state in the U.S., and they are not limited to teenagers. In fact, we receive a significant amount of emails from adults who find our website to be an eye-opening window into the adolescent mind. 

Q: Is your 'Dear inCon' column popular?

A: Yes. People have often emailed us and reached out to us privately to ask our advice. The only posts that we publish are the ones that people allow us to share publicly, which is why you won't find many on our page, but like everyone before you, you are welcome to reach out to us in private. Everything that you share will be on your terms and confidential should you decide. We're just here to listen, respond, and lift you up.

Q: Where do I submit a Dear inCon message?

A: Visit the Dear inCon tab under Contact/Submissions or click here.

Q: What happens to my work once it is no longer featured on your 'Latest' page?

A: It will be safely and permanently archived under the category (#) that it corresponds to.
i.e. If you submitted a poem, you're work can be found under both the #Submissions and #Poesy categories.