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inCon strives to be a breath of fresh air in this unbelievably intense world we live in. The name 'inConsequential' was originally penned in the process of creating a platform that would enable overlooked and underrated voices to take center stage— one that gives all readers and prospective viewers something worthwhile to remember and revisit. We hope that inCon serves as a reminder to ALL that humanity, society, philosophy, our world, our experiences, and our realities can, to some extent, be captured by the bold, unique touch of every one of us.

inCon is NOT inconsequential, and neither are you. 

Welcome to inCon!

About Us

We are a group of sincere, outspoken teenagers dedicated to the makings of inCon because inCon is more than a blog, and we are more than our commonplace teenage reputation. We are a TEAM, and we've come together to create meaning through the vocalization of thoughts, experiences, and observations previously unheard. inCon is a personal pursuit for all of us, and we hope that it can mean something to you as well. 

Meet The Team

Writer / Editor-in-chief


I believe my life to be an expression because it has no equivalent and no need for answers. At the moment, THINK + FEEL is that expression. THINK, because life is better with a little bit of soul-searching. FEEL, because there isn't a more intimate way to discover beauty and pain. Isn't that why life’s greatest revelations are meant to be felt? Though one day I'm certain I'll use these same words to express different sentiments, I know that even as I grow and change my mind, inCon will be a constant in my life. And through it, I hope that we can all embrace the opportunity to invite others to listen as we think.  

Shev - Writer


“As often as possible, go someplace you’ve never been before.” This quote sums up who I aspire to be as a person, and how I hope to live my life as I grow up. For me, the quote doesn’t just resonate with travel, but for all aspects of life. Joining inCon was a new step for me, as I never really considered myself a writer. I’ve always had a passion for expressing my thoughts, but I never considered working with a blog. Now, with inCon, I’ve opened myself to new experiences. I've decided to take my passions and spread them using the voice I have. For the readers, I hope this website inspires you with new ideas; I hope you get the courage to leave your comfort zone and discover new places, hobbies, and passions. Life is more promising when you have ideas worth fighting for.

Nat - Contributor


In a world full of chaos, it is important for everyone to have their own voice. As teenagers, older generations often think that we are lazy and that we don't care. They couldn't be more wrong though. Each one of us has opinions, aspirations, passions. We have goals, and we work hard to earn them. Through inCon, I hope to use my voice and help others find theirs. We need to stand up for ourselves and for those who can't stand up for themselves. Our generation needs to prove ourselves to the rest of the world. We need to step up and lead the future generation to success, and leave our footprints behind as a memory and example for others who are living with the same dreams we are.

Nic - Contributor


Some of the most important lessons in life can’t be taught, and that’s what inCon is all about. I joined this team to back the idea that we should all live consciously. Right now school is my obligation, but it’s not for everyone, and it’s not for me. School doesn’t always get that we are more than students; it doesn’t always prepare us for life. “Education” should not be limited to the classroom or to numbers and letters. I see worth in many shots that others don’t take. inCon is one of them, and as a contributor to this team, I’ll listen to what you all have to say and contribute my own ideas to this blog. The best way to experience life is to know what you’re living, and that’s what I plan to do.  

Meet Our Featured Writers



I have always seen the world as beautiful – a place filled with beautiful ideas, beautiful people, beautiful places… Just downright beautiful. But while I’ve always marveled at the beauty of the world, I’ve also felt apart from it. I’ve felt like a spectator instead of a player in it. I’ve come to realise, though, that I do have a position. I am a player, not a spectator. I have the power to let my voice be heard – to contribute my own beauty to the world. A part of my beauty is inCon. I am here to open the eyes of fellow teens to realise that they matter. We matter. We have the voice and the power to mean something. We have what it takes to truly make this world beautiful.



In life, we will be presented with a lot of challenges that might make us feel that everything is lost and that we have no choice but to give up. Keep this in mind when that happens: When you feel like you've hit rock bottom, a new door has opened for you to walk through and shine like the brightest and mightiest sun that has ever shone upon earth.
Instagram: p.l.t.b._poetry



Words hold so much power in our day-to-day lives. Without them, we would have no way to communicate, to express our feelings and ideas, or to understand each other.  Words give us the ability to do all these things and more. They give us ways to describe emotion, though there are still so many emotions that can’t be expressed with words.
My goal is to try to get as close to describing those feelings as possible, both so I can understand myself and so that others can understand me, and maybe even discover that they understand themselves better as well. This world is a twisted place, and being able to appreciate each other, as well as the beauty around us, is very important, which is why another goal of mine would be to appreciate the people and the world around me as much as I can and also to help others appreciate it more with my poetry.
Instagram: addicted_.to_.words



A great story is told in the moment, by someone who can close his eyes and share with you every detail he sees. I live for the moment and so does my writing. I close my eyes and let my fingers fly across the keyboard, pouring all emotion into what I'm writing. There is no preparation—I throw on the classical music and close my eyes and let the writing take me. I never considered myself a writer; I was scared of showing it to people. My page is kept anonymous to most because I don’t want to share who I am, just my passion. Joining inCon is an odd step but one I was very happy to take. I just want the world to read my stories and hope I connect with them in some way. “My job these days is to try and find a way to be both brick and builder, to teach starfish to fly” (Guante)—my inspiration for even starting to write. I want to teach starfish to fly.
Instagram: poetryunearthed

Mae Sparrow


I believe in too many little things—things that are hard to describe because too many words are needed, things you can't just talk about in the normal day-to-day life because most people won't find them as interesting. I've been writing for ages but I never consider myself a writer, really. All I do is pour my feelings onto a piece of paper and my heart into some letters, forming words others can hopefully identify to. I want them to feel the things I believe in; I want them to feel understood. Life is incredibly complicated, but it can be ordered—tamed, even—through art and the right words. With me, with us, are a million different kids, all striving for something to believe in. Maybe we, as a community, can get them to believe in all those many little things. Because, trust me, they are worth believing in.
Instagram: starringmae



I am nothing special. I am an insanely normal girl who only knows how to elaborate exaggeration. I live in a world filled with paradoxical phrases, breathing metaphors from time to time. I bear in mind endless imagination, catching falling stars and stitching forgotten scars. I write not just to let people read and know my words but to let them feel how I feel when I say the wind is cold, to let them see what I see when I tell them the sea is blue, to let them hear what I hear when I say the lyrics of the song speak to me, and to let them know exactly how the world evolves right beneath my feet. I write not to let people believe in the magic of my words but to let them search for the magic inside themselves. To me, writing is for everyone; it is a constant search for oneself, a push and pull, a continuous learning experience until we finally gain the courage to believe in the magic that our words hold.
Instagram: th.inkpoetry



I am convinced that words and ideas can change the world. I feel it in my bones. We read and write because we are human, because we need poetry and literature to feel alive. I write to remind myself that every day is worth it and that we are capable of moving people with our words. Poetry is like a lighthouse in the night, the color in our eyes, rain, and air. I joined InCon because I know that words can also be medicine, can heal broken hearts, can stitch a broken soul.

Estoy convencida de que las palabras y las ideas pueden cambiar el mundo. Lo siento en mis huesos. Leemos y escribimos porque somos humanos; necesitamos de la poesía y la literatura para sentirnos vivos. Escribo para recordarme  que cada día merece la pena y que somos capaces de tocar a las personas con nuestras letras. La poesía es faro en la noche, color en los ojos, lluvia, y aliento. Estoy en inCon porque sé que las palabras también pueden ser medicina, pueden sanar corazones heridos, coser almas rotas.
Instagram: chicaave

Wessal Mahmoud


I’ve learned that we have to be strong because no one is born strong. I'm pretty sure that there are billions of people out there learning how to be strong and how to face their problems. Maybe if we try to look in their eyes, we could understand that being strong is the greatest victory, though it feels like a dangerous decision. I'm only 17. That's what people think, but I’m more than just a young girl. I’m a girl with an imagination regardless of what others may think of me, and they will think what they think because they all see me differently. Some people want me to be like them, but I can’t be. I can’t just be a “normal” person who lives her happily-ever-after life because not everyone has a happy life. I didn't choose the life I live or even what I was born into. And now my problems have made me a different person. My problems have made me a writer who loves to write at night because I believe that some stories need to be told right then. Others, I prefer to tell at sunset. That's how I relieve my pain; that’s how I become different.
Instagram: yellow_nights_wm



Life can be pretty sick sometimes, and it's not always easy to get through it. I see a lot of people being sad and miserable. It's not their fault, and it's hard to find the solution sometimes. My solution is very simple: I just try to be in the moment. I laugh. I cry. It just helps me to not remember that life is much worse. The easiest way that I have found to do this is to make others happy—not by totally sacrificing, but by just doing little things. Those little things are simply love and kindness. It does not only help others, but it also heals you. 
Instagram: we_two_sis



I cannot see myself as being anything but a writer—even if I don’t consider myself one right now. Life is blurry. I try to write about life in the blurry way I see it. When I write, I imagine that one day, even years after I’m gone, at least one person will look at what I have written and say, “I don’t understand much, but I do understand this.” So I try to make things make sense for myself, and now I hope someone who sees life the same will know they are not alone.
Instagram: poetry.rae



I think writing has this amazing ability to transport us away from the mundane and into new places. It can connect us with characters that we can relate to in some way or another. Good writing is a window into the unknown and introduces us to the quirkier side of life. I hope to spread that feeling of transportation through inCon.
Instagram: jami.ellen



Poetry is, for me, the only way I can express what I feel and think about life, about what happens around me. Having a life is supposed to be the most beautiful thing in the world, but many teenagers give up or throw it away, often because they can't fit in with the rest of society, sink into depression or suffer from anxiety, or give up their passion because they're not supported by anyone... With inCon, I hope to reach out to other teenagers like me, to help them see that they're not alone, and to help them see that they can give a voice to their passion and unspoken feelings.
Instagram: ely_writer


Film is my escapism. Whether it’s a battle in space, a historical tragedy, or a contemporary romance, these are worlds we can all retreat to. The worlds create visual poetry that can almost never be experienced in our reality. Interpretation and expression are also the keys to film. One can have an entirely different viewpoint of a film than someone else. It’s a way to share opinions, outlooks, and thoughts on what really makes the medium special. Writing reviews was a way to step out of my shy comfort zone and express what I really feel. I believe I succeeded. I hope to share these beliefs with inCon and hopefully spark interpretation and conversation because that’s the power of cinema.
Instagram: matthew.huh

Meet Our Featured Artists



Art serves as a medium for me to express something new in the world. A piece I create might be similar to others, but there will always be small nuances and stylistic elements that make it distinct from others. And it may be those minor details that spark a new idea or feeling in someone. I hope that through sharing my art on inCon, I can bring light to topics I feel strongly about, particularly environmental and societal issues. 
Instagram: murrmoon



Hey, my name's Lee. You can call me a variety of things, but I like Lee.
My outlook on life is that it's a great experience you only get to consciously experience once—you, like the universe, are willed into existence. It's crazy. The sadness, the heartbreak, the strife—all of it—even if it hurts, makes us human, just as our happy moments do. I always find it mind-blowing that we find meaning in the simple electric shocks in our brain, that something that simple makes us human. We find a human soul from that, and I want to explore what our humanity is through my art.
Through inCon I hope others can resonate with my feelings, feel understood and like they're not alone, or even just be happy looking at my art or whatever I decide to pursue here.
Instagram: theradiantradish